At the beginning of this year, a new cataclysm strikes ADECCO. Instead of regaining a momentum of market share growth, the Group has to face a new sharp drop even though our main competitor RANDSTAD continues to grow, Synergie and Crit are also experiencing strong growth. The first management reports for 2022 are also a major cause for concern, there is sometimes a shift of almost 30% compared to the budget on certain DOs or even more.

Faced with this crisis situation, Christophe CATOIR was recently at the headquarters of ADECCO France. It is no longer time to try to reassure oneself by clumsily explaining the reasons for such a rout, we must also tackle the real problems. For years the CFDT has been warning of a slow agony due to incoherent strategic choices and catastrophic human resources management.

For an employee to be fully engaged, he must understand the strategy of the company, adhere to it and make it his own. When the priority is to regain market share, is it really logical to launch a revaluation campaign that runs counter to many of our competitors? The dissatisfaction of customers both in substance and in form is significant and this will not be without consequence.

Many Directors and Branch Managers tell us of their weariness and that of their colleagues. The permanent constraint of excessive rules, the contradictory injunctions weigh heavily. The HR Department sidesteps this state of affairs by looking at just one HR indicator: staff turnover, which is stable. Swept away the PEAKON studies, the psychosocial risks, the various reports from the field which nevertheless highlight real fundamental problems. Management has still not realized the long-term consequences of Pyramide and the error of not wanting to return to monthly advances of the variable part.

To add to the unease, the budgets are obviously TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE. This will have a major impact on the variable remuneration to which is added a price increase that the 2.3% merit increase will be far from compensating. Another year of declining purchasing power. The balance between investment and remuneration, which should drive motivation, is completely out of step with reality.

The CFDT calls for profound changes. Companies that are part of a dynamic of conquest have organizations where feedback information is also at the heart of strategic decisions. Another essential point, to rekindle a dynamic of trust and consideration for all ADECCO employees, the CFDT is asking for the urgent opening of negotiations for the establishment of a PROFIT-SHARING AGREEMENT. In 2021, one out of two employees in the private sector received a profit-sharing bonus or participation, nothing at ADECCO despite record results.